Welcome to M-Power-Me Hypnotherapy for Life


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You have come to the right place if you are ready to make positive changes to your life.  By providing individual 
Hypnotherapy sessions or teaching you self-hypnosis, I can help you achieve whatever you want to achieve!

Hypnosis can help you adopt better habits (be a 
non-smoker, control your eating and drinking, sleep better, let go of stress....).

It can change your behaviour (be calmer, more relaxed, 
confident, free from anxiety or phobias, be more positive parents, be more productive at work....). 

It can help you prepare for an event (have wonderful 
childbirth, be calm in exams, focus on winning at sport....).

It can help you deal with traumatic life experiences (bereavement, separation, abuse, addictions, 
midlife crisis....)

Whatever you want to change or achieve - you may find the answer here!

Open for business again from 20th April 2021 - please contact me for an appointment