What is Happiness?

I define it as being calm and content with what you have.  Enjoying the things in your life - your family, friends, your skills and abilities, your home, the world around you.  It means having a balanced perspective on life, knowing that bad things that happen are not permanent and good times are just around the corner.  It means knowing that you have not been singled out, everyone has problems, we just need to have a way of looking for the best in every situation.

What is depression?

Depression occurs when people get stuck in a negative pattern of thought.  They have a way of thinking that focuses on the negative, that makes them feel they are in a hopeless situation, that no one understands, that there is no way out.  The more they dwell on these negative thoughts, the more over-active their imagination becomes and the more these negative thoughts take over their waking hours and then their sleeping hours.  Poor sleep leads to low energy and an inability to think straight, which just exacerbates the depressed state, causing them to spiral further and further into depression.  
In a depressed state many individuals will also develop severe addictions to cigarettes, food, alcohol, gambling, etc. in some attempt to find comfort in their depression.

Can depression be transformed into happiness?

By using hypnotherapy to relax the body and mind, the overactive imagination can be calmed down and life can be brought back into perspective.  Negative thought patterns can be replaced with positive thinking and optimism, sleep can be restored and the body can then recover the energy that has been lost, so life can be seen to offer many more opportunities and possibilities.

Even those that have reached a point of feeling suicidal can be persuaded that life is wonderful and worth living.

So, in a few sessions, depression can be turned into happiness, despair can be turned into hope, the future can be one to look forward to.

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