I believe that everyone can benefit from learning Self-Hypnosis, especially parents and teachers, students, people in stressful jobs or situations and people who want to improve their life (now that covers just about everyone doesn't it?).

Self-Hypnosis does literally give you the power to change your life, yet people still come up with plenty of excuses for not doing it.  Here are my answers to some of the common excuses:

I haven’t got the time to do the course.

Learning Self-Hypnosis will give you MORE time:
Spend less time worrying
Be more focused
Be more efficient
Sleep better and get up earlier
Stop procrastinating and GET ON WITH LIFE!

I can’t afford it.

£300 is very little money to spend to change your life (this course will cost you nearly twice that in London and I have come across other similar courses that would cost you thousands!). Also, you get to come again for refresher courses - for only £75!  With these skills you could:

  • help yourself to get a better job or start that business you've been thinking about,
  • impress your boss with your efficiency and get a pay-rise,
  • reduce sickness and ill health,
  • become a non-smoker and save all that cash,
  • eliminate spending on pain killers and cold remedies – you can cure yourself,
  • cut down on expensive "retail therapy", with self-hypnosis you won’t need to buy things to make you feel better.

Contact me for flexible payment terms and available discounts.

A Weekend is too long.

Time goes fast when you're enjoying yourself and this course goes very fast!  Not that there's a lot of pressure - you'll spend half the time in a wonderful relaxed state of hypnosis.

You would take a weekend away to have a well deserved break - well, this is a well deserved break, that also teaches you skills to change your life!

A weekend may seem like a long time to spend on yourself - but you deserve it, and this is one course that will change the way you think and act, forever!

I won’t know anybody.

You may be strangers when you start the course, but by the end you’ll have found some new friends – friends that have shared the same learning and discovery process, friends that have learnt the same amazing power as you (see accolades).
We’re a very friendly bunch – everyone is made to feel welcome.

Or come with a friend or partner – sharing this sort of learning experience with someone you know well is very powerful.

I don’t really need it!

However healthy, happy or confident we are, we can all make improvements to our lives.

  • Be calmer in all situations,
  • Communicate better with people,
  • Have the confidence to do the things you’ve always dreamed about,
  • Sleep deeper and wake more refreshed,
  • Learn easier,
  • Improve your memory,
  • Learn the best way to encourage your children, to give them confidence and courage,
  • Enjoy flying
  • Give birth naturally, easily, wonderfully,
  • Stick to a healthy diet,
  • Turn water into wine (well, not literally, but you can enjoy it just as much!),
  • Oh I could go on, and on, and on…………

I've seen one day Self-Hypnosis Courses advertised that are much cheaper!

I've had clients come to me, having been on 1-day self-hypnosis courses, and I wondered why they couldn't solve their problems for themselves.

Well, it turns out that these type of courses, tend to just teach you to relax and maybe visualise yourself being somewhere peaceful. That's great, but they don't go as far as to teach you how to write your own programmes and to solve your own problems.  The M-Power-Me course does - it gives you the tools to tackle almost anything, as well as the proof that it works.


Any more excuses?e-mail me with your excuse and I'll send you back an answer!