Sleep is a fundamental need for all creatures.  Far too many people suffer from poor quality sleep or years of insomnia.  Many resort to pills or alcohol, which can make the problem worse.

The following are extracts from a book called "Counting Sheep" by Paul Martin:

"Sleep deprivation is unpleasant and debilitating.  Someone who has not slept for two or three days can feel as if they are losing their mind. That is why, throughout history, sleep deprivation has been exploited as a form of torture and coercion.   Fatigue can bring people to their knees, both metaphorically and literally, without leaving a mark on them.  It can even be fatal."

"What does it [sleep deprivation] do to our bodies?  Sleep and physical health are intimately entwined, which means that inadequate sleep can cause all sorts of physical problems."

Martin goes on to explain that individuals with sleep problems are more likely to experience general and varied problems, suffer heart attacks, have greater absences from work and experience long-term work disability.

"Good sleep, on the other hand, fosters mental and physical health.  Psychological wellbeing, physical health and longevity are all statistically associated with healthy lifestyle practices, one of which is good sleep.!"

Hypnosis is very successful at treating sleep problems - by calming the mind and relaxing the body, you can soon learn what it feels like to have wonderful sleep, better quality sleep, waking refreshed and enthusiastic.

Clients who have suffered years (up to 30!) of disrupted sleep have reported experiencing wonderful, undisturbed sleep after just one session of hypnosis.

It's worth a go! 

Wonderful Sleep