There may be many different reasons why you smoke - some of them you may know and some you don't.

Smoking can be simply a bad habit, or a "smoke-screen" to hide behind for an insecure person, or a comforter (just like a baby's dummy), or a misguided attempt to de-stress.  Whatever the reason, Hypnosis can help you remove the habit.

Do you remember the first time you started smoking?  I bet you didn't really enjoy it, but you kept at it because your friends were doing it, or you were trying to rebel or prove a point.  After a while, if you repeat something enough, your sub-conscious believes that this is something you must really want to do and so makes it into an automatic behaviour - a habit.  We do this with many things, like learning to walk, to drive, to ride a bike.  Once it becomes a habit it is difficult to consciously break it, because when you decide you do not want this smoking habit anymore there is a conflict in the mind.  You are now doing something that you 'don't' want to do and your conscious has no idea why you cannot change.  If you could get rid of a habit easily, then it could be a threat to your survival.  Imagine forgetting how to drive a car at a busy roundabout!!!

You may believe you are addicted to Nicotine, but the Nicotine will be out of your system if you can just go 48 hours without a cigarette - the real problem is the mental addiction.

Hypnosis can help you get into your subconscious mind and change this habit for something more healthy.

“Hypnosis is the most effective method of stopping smoking” (New Scientist Magazine, 1992). 

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Do it now! Becoming a non-smoker is the best thing you can do for your health, and that of your family.  

The benefits for your health and finances are obvious - but you knew that already!!  The real benefit of becoming a non-smoker is the freedom, the feeling of relief and of being in control - if you can take control of your smoking, you take control of your life.  

You can come for one-to-one therapy; come with a partner or friend and share the cost; or invite me to your work place to help a group of you. 

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Be free!
Be in control!
Be a non-smoker!