When we get to a certain age some of us start to act a little strangely. You may become:

  • discontented with a  life or lifestyle that has provided happiness for many years
  • bored with things, work or people that have until now been satisfying and important in your life
  • unsettled and feel like having an adventure or want to do something completely different - like get a motorbike or a complete new wardrobe of clothes!
  • start lusting after (or have an affair with) a younger partner, in the hope of regaining your youth
  • unclear about life and start questioning the meaning of life, and the decisions that you have already made
  • confused about who you are, or where your life is going

All these thoughts and feelings are a natural part of getting older and it's OK to think them - but acting on them can sometimes have disastrous consequences that you may live to regret.  With a little help and imagination you can spice up your life without jeopardising all the good things you already have.

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Mid-Life Crisis or

Mid-Life Celebration?