These people attended "M-Power-Me" Self Hypnosis Courses in Solihull and Chelmsford:
(I know there's a lot to read - but everyone's comments are valuable to me.  New quotes are added at the end after each course, so skip to the bottom for the new material!)

"Calm, confident, competent, Nicolette is substantial as a guide to a major natural talent we all need to own."  - Ross King, Managing Director, CSEM

"A thoroughly enjoyable, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere was present throughout the course" - Sharon Fish, District Nurse

"I feel a great sense of achievement, as though something has been unlocked, making me feel very powerful." - Marion Lawson, Personal Assistant

"This won’t hurt a bit!"  - Ian Read, MD, Marine Technology & Coatings

"It might have been said before, but not by me: this course will change my life" - Judy Jones, Insurance Underwriter.

"I came with doubt amongst strangers, I left empowered amongst friends. Thank you Nicolette for a great week-end!" - Suzanne Wilson, Social Worker

"Keep an open mind, but take it seriously" - John Shields, Retired Executive

"This course has shown me that I have the power within myself to make improvements in my life where needed, and has given me self confidence." - Karen Aston, Accounts Assistant

"Very enjoyable and useful course that empowers me for the rest of my wonderful and beautiful life! Thank you." - Barbara Hylton, Dentist

"Your calm, confidence in yourself and everyone else is awe inspiring and breeds confidence in us all." - Paola Bagnall, Teacher & Hypnotherapist

"I am determined it will make changes to my life ... and so it will. " - Elaine Amphlett, Accountant

"Come along and experience how you can change aspects of your life from negative to positive in one weekend.  I was amazed! " - Mark Hickey, Account Controller

"Relax and just let it happen - don't question yourself or your ability - it works for everyone!" - John-Paul Shields, MD Recruitment Agency

"This was a refresher course for me and it reinforces that hypnosis gets better and better.  Nicolette's calm, confident approach encourages you to enjoy the course more and more." - Sharon Fish, District Nurse

"Hypnotism was something I said I would never do.  But this course has put hypnosis in a fantastic light, and I truly believe it will help me in all life's situations." - Lee Shields, Recruitment Consultant

"I find myself in complete awe at the power of (self) hypnosis, and recommend it to anyone who feels that they are overwhelmed by the circumstances of their life. They will find empowerment, calmness and joy back in their life." - Janet Caldwell, Assistant Personnel Officer

"This is my second time of coming and now that my husband has done the course too, I know it will help us both to be even happier." - Marion Lawson, Nursery Assistant.

"Don’t underestimate your ability. Believe you can do it and you will. Have faith in Nicki’s assurances." - Peter Lawson, Maintenance Engineer.

"Unbelievable. Didn’t want the weekend to finish. Do give it a go. Go with the flow. Fantastic." - Angela Stead, Administration Officer.

"Enjoyable and a revelation" - Elizabeth Fallon, Nurse

"An interesting weekend – with an open mind beneficial to all attending." - Graham Smith, Student

"I feel completely empowered to go and use self-hypnosis in my life in a very positive way. Thank you." - Lindsey Clarke, Yoga Teacher.

"I would never have believed what I could do after 2 days of self-hypnosis if someone had told me before." - David Collins, Analyst

"The best investment of time and money that I have made for some time." - John Probert, Accountant

"I am overwhelmed at the intensity of self-empowerment I have achieved. I know I can do anything I set myself to do. Thank you Nicki - Gloria!" - Gloria Gain, Director, Community Services

"Everyone has the power" - Lynne Whyborn, Mature student

"Eye-opening." - Julie Probert,  (Another) Accountant

"Tremendous fun and ‘something completely different’. Unbelievably easy when you know how – why hasn’t anyone taught me this before?? Anyone can do it and it can change your life." - Cynthia Dodson, Teacher.

"Well, as you know the course continues to get better and better and the benefits of hypnosis become more and more, with Nicolette’s support and encouragement. People don’t know what they’re missing." - Sharon Fish, District Nurse (third time attending course)

"An exciting, life changing and wonderful experience. The best personal investment I could have done and would recommend it to anyone else. Brilliant." - David Power, Recruitment Consultant

"A wonderful experience that has changed my whole outlook on life." - Julie Young, Receptionist

"Brilliant!  Professionally delivered - a real quality event that I'll never forget." - Richard Shield, M.D. Novalis Internet Services

“A powerful experience untapping/demonstrating the potential of the human mind.  A must for all teachers and pupils.” - Trevor Jones, Headteacher

“I never realised that one weekend could change my life so powerfully and beneficially forever, but this one has, and I will always be glad that I chose to follow my instincts and take part in it.” -Jackie Breen., Teacher

“I would never have imagined that I could have so quickly and effectively learned self-hypnosis to such a level as to allow a pin to be put through my arm and feel no pain.  That in itself vastly increased my self-belief and appreciation of personal power.” - Marylin Dixon, Business Analyst

“I have never spent a weekend like it before – so different but yet natural and just so enjoyable and rewarding.  Here’s to the rest of my wonderful life.” - Caroline Molyneux, Property Manager & Housewife

“I arrived open-minded and left amazed!  What a powerful and helpful weekend, this could change your life, it certainly changed mine – thank you.” - Scott Jones, Artistic Gymnastics Coach

“It’s always a pleasure to see Nicolette helping people to discover how amazing they are.  Brilliant stuff.” - Helen Wallace, Artist & Hypnotherapist .

“Carpe Diem! – Thank you so much for an incredible weekend.” - Nigel Iles, Mature Student.

“Don’t hesitate, it’s what you’ve been waiting for!” - Barry Webber, Computer Specialist.

“There are those that think they can’t and those that think they can – and they are both right!” - Tim Alberry, MD, GISS UK & Hypnotherapist .

“Stress!  What stress?” - Clive Essex, Carpenter & Joiner

“If you don’t come on Nicolette’s course you will miss the opportunity of a lifetime.” - Ian Ormerod, Quality Director

“This course provides you with the awareness that all power and control of oneself is delivered from you.  You are in control of yourself, it’s just about believing it.” - Shaun Riley, Assistant Team Manager

“I feel very confident that what I have learned this weekend will help me improve the quality of the rest of my wonderful life!.” - Val Hemes, Therapist.

“I know I can change my life now.” - Mine Bicer, Interpreter

“I now know that I have the power to change or do anything I want to.  I understand how people can undertake supposedly “impossible” things e.g. staying in a block of ice for days etc.  It’s like being able to do magic!!” - Charlotte Reyner, Nurse.

“It would be the best gift I could give my daughter.   Brilliant, together my life will change.  Thank you.” - Carol Smith, Teacher

“I am now convinced by the fantastic power of my own mind. Everybody will benefit from this course.” - JB, Building Services Consultant

“You have been waiting for this all of your life.  Do it today!” - Jacqui Simmonds, Occupational Therapist

“An enlightening course.  I can’t wait to start putting it into practice.” - Clare Griffths, Solicitor

“An experience not to be missed.” - Roxanne Riding, Student

“What an unusual way to spend a weekend.” - Richard Riding, Telecomms Engineer / Entertainer

“Whenever I hear the words ‘more and more’ I will always think of you :-)” - Carrie Smith, Student /Part-time waitress

“Wonderful experience – helped me get over my holiday blues.  I feel more and more focused in my fantastic life.” - Ron Prescott, Therapist

“ I came for a boost of inspiration and am leaving feeling really positive.  Thank you.” - Leilah Porter., Hypnotherapist

“I was very sceptical but happy to admit I’ve been proved wrong.” - Rosanna Alter, Management Consultant

“Gobsmacked!” - Dawn Pope, Environment, Health and Safety Consultant.

“An excellent insight into human attitudes and the way they affect our behaviour and quality of life.” - Roger Cunnington, Retired Teacher.

“My life would have been different had I done this course 30 years ago.”  - VG, Administrator

“It’s not about Hypnosis, it’s about changing your life for the better.  Life changing experience – nothing to lose, everything to gain.” - Pauline Deacon, Management Consultant

“A ‘no-hocus-pocus’ path to self-belief and empowerment, borne from a supportive and fun environment!  Good value for money.” - Alicia Clarke, Photographer

“I’m here for the second time and am still learning new things. It really is worth doing the course – it will change your life!” - Charlotte Reyner, Youth Support Worker

“On the first morning, after group hypnosis the night before, I awoke feeling magically refreshed - excited and nervous as though I was about to go on holiday.  That feeling is now available to me all the time thanks to this course.  I can do anything!” - Naomi Ward, Corporate Banking Manager

“I was somewhat apprehensive before hand and wasn’t sure whether I would be able to do it, but I have been amazed by what I and everyone else in the group have achieved over such a short space of time.” - Carol Essex, Corporate Banker

“I came to the course hoping that I was going to find something that would help me take control of my life – I’m stunned at how simple and effective the tools Nicolette has given to me – and wish I had found them sooner!!” - Toni Kelly, University Administrator

“I only came along to see what was happening on the Friday night with absolutely no intention of stopping the weekend.  Throughout the evening I changed my mind and when Sunday night came I didn’t want to go home!!  Absolutely fantastic.  Will definitely carry on recommending to family and friends.  Hopefully there’s a place for me next time.” - Rachel Billson Clerical Temp.

“A most enjoyable weekend” - Norma Leedham, Retired Sales Assistant

“I have had a wonderful weekend.  I feel empowered to have my life work out better and better for me.” - Mary Hurley, Acupuncture Practitioner

“I am very satisfied since the course fulfilled all my expectations!” - Edward Negus, Logistics Consultant

“In the 14th Century Nicolette would have been burned as a witch!  She exudes confidence and instils it into her pupils more and more throughout each and every part of the thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing and inspiring weekend.” - Mark Prottey, Writer.

“Met a lovely group of people - hope we stay in contact.  Now I can be the person I want to be!” - Helen Clifton, Accountant

“This course, I have no doubt, if I apply the relaxation programme, will have extended my lifespan.” - Paul Malbut, Self-employed Graphic Designer.

“You're more powerful than you think!” - David Simmonds, Student (14)

“Life changing.” - Donna O'Grady, Single Mum.

“A thoroughly enjoyable weekend from start to finish, my only disappointment was that it came to an end all too quickly!” - Patricia Howard, Nurse and Reflexologist

“Having attended a second course I realised that there is still plenty to learn.  I have reinforced the notion that 'I have the power'.” - Toni Kelly., University Administrator.

“This course fulfills your expectations and goes further and surprises you." - Andrew Fitzpatrick, Student (14)

“Just tell people that at the beginning you should be confused, but it's all easy to understand at the end". Ben Howard, Student (13)

“This was my second course, I brought my 15 and 13 year old sons, I know they will benefit from having this skill early in life.  I was very proud of their conduct and became very emotional on the last day when they practiced their new skill". - Patricia Howard, Nurse and Reflexologist

“Itching to zap myself" - Ann Teutscher

“I REALLY have the power.  It is mine.  Thank you, I wish I could have done this in my early teens." - Jane Malbut, Operations Manager

“A fascinating insight into how the mind works and that I have ultimate control over what happens to me!" - Sue Clifton, Teacher

“Just give in, enjoy, and make the most of yourself!" - Mark Scrimgeour, Managing Director

“Today is the first day of my new life ahead.  As I leave this room tonight, I leave behind the old Mave , who lacked all the confidence, assertiveness etc.  The new me is strong minded, I don't have those inferior qualities anymore.  I am going forward, not backwards.   Thank you for giving me back my mind." - Mave O'Grady, Retired

“I feel so overwhelmingly empowered.  The weekend is eye-opening, amazing and enlightening.  I can't wait to change my life for the better." - Mary Ring, Development Nurse

“I am really glad I did this course.  It makes me realise that all power is from within.  I look forward to the rest of my wonderful life." - Tracy Ring, Assistant Manager, Cheltenham & Glocester

“Am really glad I did it, feel a lot calmer and more relaxed already.  Will definitely be a turning point for me." - Tracey Wheat, Veterinary Nurse

“I admit to thinking that there may be little more to learn, when I first came to your Chelmsford self-hypnosis course. Having studied many books and tapes on the subject, I was overconfident of knowing most of it.
As your Friday evening teaching programme progressed, I began to realise that my "tip of the iceberg" knowledge, was to say the least incomplete!
In pleasant surroundings, the well organised course moved forward, in a logical and straightforward way. The step by step plan, made understanding the concept of self-hypnosis simpler, for beginners and 2nd timers alike.
Throughout the entire course, the importance of the serious subject was maintained, but a friendly and humorous atmosphere was shared, by all those taking part. Total strangers became friends in a weekend and supported each other, with any minor difficulties that they experienced.
Although I have attended and run many seminars, meetings and courses yours was pleasantly different, both in its relaxed approach to the subject and overall professionalism.
I am now the proud of owner of a certificate of achievement and will be pleased to recommend your self-hypnosis course, both to my friends and business colleagues." - Colin Rae, Owner, Rae Communications

"Before arriving I was quite apprehensive - but now feel stronger and more confident - i would recommend the course to everybody i know.  i feel it is an investment in life.  Thank you Nicolette" -Amanda Settle, Nursing Student

"The most amazing, enlightening and useful weekend I have ever had! Thank  You!" - Elaine King, Administration Manager

"I did Nicolette's Self-Hypnosis course in Sept. 02.  I was so impressed with the power of hypnosis, I went on to do a diploma in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy and have started to practice as a Hynotherapist.  I find this tremendously rewarding and have a passion for hypnotherapy which I had lost for engineering.  I returned in November 03, accompanying my girlfriend.  Nicolette provides a comprehensive, safe and deeply empowering course that everyone can benefit from.  First Class." - JB, Building Engineer and  Hypnotherapist

"A new beginning with all the knowledge, skills and memories to get it right." - Mary Bagge, (Nurse) Manager

"A powerful course which has installed in me the confidence to make positive changes for the rest of my wonderful life.  Keite pai!" - Anna Wilson, Teacher

"Really wish I had done this sooner, feel I can use it in so many aspects of my life and intend to do so.  Watch this space!" - Wendy Flynn, Mother (and new woman!)

"Everyone should do a course like this, it is life enhancing.  Leaving this weekend I feel so motivated, energised and positive.  My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner." - Glynis Washington, Development Nurse

"A Thoroughly worthwhile course - highly recommended" - Dr. John Briffa., Doctor & Writer

"This course was the only weekend I can truly promise I will remember forever." - Alex Field, Student

"I would recommend this course to anyone.  Should be standard curriculum for all." - Tom Deacon, IT Consultant

"You should try it before you knock it!  You WILL be amazed at your m-powerment" - Mike Robinson, Retired

"I never expected such a simple Relax programme to have such an instant and incredible, positive effect on me - Thank you SO much!" - Louise Hancox, Teacher

"A wonderful opportunity to create positive space to empower oneself with tools to be fulfilled.  A must in the busy world we find ourselves." - Frances Grearson, Assistant Headteacher

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend! The insight that everyone can positively affect their lives is a really valuable gift." - Ruth Grearson, Graduate

"Everyone would benefit from developing the power of positive thinking that this course gives you." - Carole Howell, Nurse Manager

"If in doubt close your eyes and start could happen at anytime." - Linda Nelson, Accountant

"An absolutely fabulous course; harnessing my own potential for change and teaching me what an effective tool the mind can be.  Perfect for everyday as well as specific challenges - i thoroughly recommend it." - Helen Grearson, Student

"I have been on many courses prior to this, however none have been as excellent as this, I am really glad that I came." - Zenab Khatoon, Quantity Surveyor

"I came on the course without telling my friends or work colleagues.  I'm not sure if they will believe my fantastic experiences.  Who cares about that anyway, I am overjoyed." - Zahid Hussain, Benefit Officer

"Unbelievably simple, but exceeds expectations." - Karen Ashley, Hotelier

"Just do it - you'll be amazed." - Nick Sissons, Self-employed/company owner

"This course has confirmed and increased my belief in the power of the mind." - Katrina Gardiner, Educational Psychologist

"This is my second time on the course, and it gets better and better.  I would recommend it to everyone who wants to improve their life." - Zenab Khatoon, Quantity Surveyor

"This course was brilliant.  I feel much more confident, calm and able to deal with any situation I meet in life.  And Nicolette is a delightful and impressive teacher." - Philip Banner, Journalist 

"The most wonderful way to access your capability and a very enjoyable experience." - Asma Hussain

"Change isn't difficult - it's just making the time to accept that we all have the capacity to change.  Throughout this course you are given the tools to produce the change that is important to you! ." -Lesley-Ann Stewart, Residential Social Worker

"After only a few days I am utterly sure that I shall reap huge benefits from the application of self-hypnosis as taught by a master, Dr. N Lawson.." - Barry Parker, Wellness Coach

"It should be part of the national curriculum and all teacher training programmes.  It is an essential life skill.." - Trevor Jones, Headteacher (2nd time attending course)

"I thought it would be scary - definitely not - really positive and exciting experience." - Claire Miller, Teacher 

"Prepare to be amazed!!  You have the power to change your life with self-hypnosis." - Phil Robinson, Engineer (3rd time attending course)

"Interesting, thought provoking, stimulating, stunned!  Questioning what I believe, do I believe?  How can I believe?  I do believe!!" - Kamal Nagra, Ultrasonographer

"I will be recommending it to my friends but I can't promise they will come!." - Indi Nagra, Company Director

"An amazing course!  The best birthday present I have ever given to myself.  I had an exciting, challenging, rewarding weekend and met a very interesting group of people.  This course will have an impact on my life and empower me.  " - Aline Boblin, Company Director

"This was my second course and it was every bit as beneficial and rewarding and useful as the first one.  Thank you for helping me to remember that I can control my life." - Jackie Breen, Teacher (2nd time attending course)

“Powerful Stuff - Mark Scrimgeour, Managing Director

“If there is any part of your life that you are unhappy with and feel that you want to change, I think this course helps give you the tools and confidence to know you can make changes, however big or small" - Sarah Evans, Freelance Personal Trainer

“Brilliant - gave me the power to amaze myself!" - Debbie Smith,  Special Projects Manager

“Never underestimate the ability of your own mind" - Clive Roberts, CP Manager

“Good Stuff" - Mike Banner, IT Consultant

“I now feel "m-powered" to live my life to it's full potential.  A completely mind expanding experience." - Justin Banbury, Managing Director - Finance Consultant

“Relaxing, enlightening, exciting." - Mark Palethorpe, Manufacturing Engineer

“I was a grade A sceptic probably until the last afternoon.  But the course allowed me to do things I never even knew I was learning - great fun and I know it will be very useful in my future life.  Nicolette is an enthusiastic, competent, articulate teacher." - Sue Hurst, Midwife

“Why don't they teach this at school?  It is useful in all aspects off life." - Anne Moroney, IT Consultant

“Excellent insight into how powerful and wonderful you really are." - Jo Fuller

“Excellent weekend to learn the techniques of self-hypnosis that will change your life." - Phil Robinson, Engineer (4th time attending)

“Even better and more life-changing than the stop-smoking therapy." - Tony Armstrong, Carer

“If you want to benefit from positive thinking then this would be a good course." - Chris Harrington, Landscape Gardener

“This course is probably the best money my wife and I have ever spent.  Thank you Nicolette" - Wayne Southam, Land Rover Engineer

“I'm no good at comments, but with Nicolette's help I soon will be!!" - Sarah Southam, Mother & House Wife

“I know it works, having witnessed the effects with Dawn, and was looking forward to  it working for me.  Up till the proof of the trestles and the pins I was convinced it was not working for me.  I look forward to proving myself wrong and succeeding to carry out self-hypnosis succesfully." - Alan McEntire, Fire Officer

“Eye-opening & friendly" - George Barnes, Land Rover Employee

“The calm before the calmer" - David Thomas, Land Rover Employee

“Truly life changing.  The content and presentation exceeded expectations.  Totally enjoyable.  Highly recommended. ****** " - Brian Lomas, Land Rover Employee

“It just gets better and better each time." - Fran Thomas,

“If you want to meet someone new, let Nicolette introduce you to yourself." - Dave Mahon, Sales & Marketing

“Reinforced my belief in a person's ability to control/change their self by suggestion and gave another way into this.  A very enjoyable, non-threatening learning environment, encouraging and supportive." - Pat Pope, retired Ofsted inspector

“I will highly recommend the course to friends and family, even just to help with relaxing" - Rob Mahon, Jaguar Employee

“I realise I spend most of my time in hypnosis anyway! It has opened my mind!" - Lisa Davies, Teaching Assistant

“I will use what I have learnt from this self-hypnosis course to improve my life in many areas.  Thank you very much." - Simon Jowett, Chef

“Quite an Eye-opener!  E=cm2 (Empowerment = confidence x more and more)" - Graham Bambrook,  Land Rover Employee

“I have the power!" - Annemarie Vincent-Poole, Teaching Assistant, & dressmaking/crafts teacher

“A wonderful opportunity to re-engage in the positive aspects of one's life.  So empowering and exciting! Thank you." - Frances Grearson,  Teacher (2nd time attending)

“Despite already having experienced hypnosis and it's benefits some of the concepts and ideas seemed a bit "beyond" to me and hard to believe if I'm honest.  But all doubts were very quickly dispelled and now I cannot wait to start writing my own programmes and taking myself in new directions" - Hugh Pearce,  Jaguar Cars Engineer

“Simply the best! Nicolette is a true master and superb teacher able to clearly install so much confidence.  Thanks..........." - K.R, Engineer

“This course is full of skills that can be used in many aspects of life.  Everyone should experience hypnosis." - P.C.,  Jaguar Cars Employee

“If you arrive sceptical about the idea of hypnosis, you can be assured you will leave fully convinced and confident of it's power." - Marion Poulton,  Retired Teacher

“Never regret anything that makes you smile!" - Wendy Flynn (2nd time attending)

“Kick start a change in your life.  A great way to be the person you want to be.  just come with an open mind - it really does work!" - Jonathan Flynn, University Student

“Even if you are sceptical you have to try this, it will change your life! " - Rehana Ashraf, Pharmacist

“This course can change the way that you live your life and interact with others.  It is amazing!  You must try it." - Claire James, Account Manager

“As before but better and better.  You're a true master!" - Kelvin Russell, Engineering Manager

"A lot of fun and very empowering!" - Paul, ex-Marine

"Coming back a second time allowed me to absorb all of the course content without worrying that it might not work for me!" - Brian Lomas, Product Planner

"This course has and will continue to further empower me and my meditation bringing me even more peace of mind!" - Alison Ward, Healer/Teacher

"A life changing course that makes you feel amazing.  Thank you." - Karen McCarthy, Palliative Care Social Worker

"Release the potential within ourselves" - Dominic Lenehan, Property Developer

"The course has enabled me to achieve things that I would not have believed possible.  I am confident that I can use skills gained from the course to make further great achievements!" - Jonathan Bayliss

"This was an enormous investment in time for me - but it was worth every single second.  I feel totally empowered - every person should know a 'Nicolette'" - Debbie Higham, Service Manager

"Self-hypnosis is life changing if you want it to be" - Paul Breen, Solicitor

"I'm going to start going to the gym on Tuesdays.  Tuesday's in February, starting Wednesday 1st February" - Luke Morgan, Nurse Practitioner [this is an inside joke - you would have to be there to understand!]

"A Weekend which will help you find fantastic "treasure".  You will be enrished through the power of self-hypnosis and have a tool for living the rest of your wonderful life!" - Frances Grearson, Assistant Head Teacher (attending for 3rd time)

"This has to be one of the most enjoyable and fascinating experiences in my whole life.  Everybody should do it." - Breda Cunningham, Administrator

"If you don't do it you're missing out" - Paul Marlow (attending for 2nd time)

"If I were to take myself off to the most expensive spa in a beautiful location, I would not feel as good as I feel after this weekend." - Christine Hutchins

"Everyone should have this experience" - Helena Weaver, Therapist

"As Morrissey once said "does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body - I dunno".  I think it's clear the mind does rule the body in some ways e.g. worry beings ulcers.  So there is something to learn and to take away - very enjoyable and uplifting weekend, thanks." - Steve Titley, Local Government Manager 

"A real eye opener for a real sceptic - I will use these new skills." - Tim Cronin, Sales Director

"The weekend self-hypnosis course with Nicolette was one of the most enlightening, fantastic, fun and knowledgeable weekends of my life.  I know that I have been given tools to completely help me improve my life in all areas.  Thank you Nicolette." - Geraldine Warner

"Self-hypnosis course really has given me a sense of empowerment, control and eager anticipation of how its use has potential to change my life.  I love being able to sleep better, relax better and having control of my life." - Ranbir Bains

"I now know that I can change the way I work, rest and play in a very positive way - so excited!" - Emma Cronin, Area Volunteer Manager

"Everyone should go on this course.  If only to demonstrate just how powerful the mind is and what can be achieved if you open your mind." - Tanya Stote, Company Secretary

"Totally enlightening and health giving." - Raf Haidar

"It worked really well!" - Johanna Curtis (11)

"Awesome!" - Rob Dean, Software Engineer

"Everyone should have the opportunity to take control of their lives in this way.  Thank you Nicolette" - Mary Haidar, Nurse

"This should be a must for everyone" - Rita Higgins, Nurse

"The course really boosted my self confidence and helped me to appreciate the power of my mind" - Molly Poole, Student (16)

"How amazing is the power of your mind?!!" - Ramesh Chauhan, Barristers Clerk

"A relaxed and enjoyable way to build ones confidence and a great tool to use to improve your quality of life" - Keith Warner, Operations Director

"Nicolette's teaching style is relaxed and enjoyable and her course is thorough and easy to follow.  You leave knowing that you have gained a valuable tool with the power to transform your life." -Nicky Bancroft, Massage Practitioner

"Having done several hypnotherapy trainings I was still left wondering about what this state of hypnosis was - this weekend has more than answered any queries I may have had.  I only wish I had done this training would have saved me a lot of doubts and uncertainty about my capabilities." - Pattie Rogers, Clinical Hypnotherapist

"Go beyond your comfort zone!" - Iain & Amanda

"This weekend really helped me to unlock my true potential and find the confidence to be the real me again. 

Thank you for such an amazing opportunity Nicolette." - Jelena Jelaca, Student

"One of the best way to spend your weekend and your money." - Cyndy Duff, Solicitor

"Thank you Nicolette, I feel like a new person = enlightened, happy and of course empowered." - Rebekah Shields, Principal Recruitment Consultant

"Seeing is believing!  The expression "It's all in the mind" is all too true!" - Imogen Shields

"The course exceeded my expectations - a change in my behaviours and language will provide the real test - will let you  know!" - Sue Matthews, Regional Officer, Royal College of Nursing.

"Even better second time round:- more positive and more powerful - more and more empowering.  Excellent - I love it.  Thanks Nicolette" - Debbie Higham, Regional Service Manager, Royal College of Nursing.

"An eye-opening, enlightening experience" - James Regan, student

"Nicolette makes the course content fun and easy to learn" - Lindsay Clarke, yoga teacher

"Simply Unbelievable" - Ramesh Chauhan, Barristers Clerk

"This course has renewed my faith in myself - answers lie not outside but inside of you" - Narinder Sander, teacher

"Amazing - everyone needs to know what a powerful tool we all have available to us." - Tanya Stote, Company Secretary

"Was very sceptical, and still not sure "how" it works - but I know that obviously something does." - Alan McEntire, Fire Officer (second time attending)

" just gets better and better." - Sharon Fish, Nurse (fourth time attending)

"A course that has enabled me to harness my ability to do exceptional things every day of my life. Learning the power of positivity has been wonderful - I will use the techniques more and more.  Thank you." - Mary Berry, Teacher

"Why doesn't everyone know about this - it's so easy!" - Helen Mills, Glamorgan Heritage Coast Ranger

"It was a very relaxing and uplifting weekend.  I'm greatful for the opportunity to join the course for a second time, as now I feel that I can benefit from it even more than before." - Jolanta Galicka, Data Analyst

"Powerful tools for life" - Bal Singh

"I wanted the course to work, but I wasn't sure that it would work for me. From the first night I slept better than I had for the past two years.  I completed the exercises at the end and they worked too!." - Michelle Parker, HMI Education

"Absolutely brilliantly lush experience! Will provide me with a mental framework to further improve all aspects of my life!" - Rob Arnold, Senior IT Manager

"Nicolette was very knowledgeable and taught us in a calm, confident manner encouraging and reassuring us, despite our doubts that we were learning how to self-hypnotise - we all overcame those doubts by the end of the course." - Dawn Petherick

"This course has really made me feel more positive and more relaxed within myself.  I would recommend it to anyone.  Especially those who lead stressful lives." - Raksa Champaneria, Driving Instructor

"Unlock the power of your mind, and free yourself from the addiction that you can't achieve" - Narinder Sander, Teacher (2nd time attending).

"I loved the course and being surrounded by friendly and positive people (teacher and students)" - Asja, student

"I entered the course feeling anxious, distressed and almost incoherent because of stress and recent personal events.  I leave feeling calm, relaxed and empowered by an ability to self-hypnotise and relax.  Thank you Nicolette." - Claire Frodsham, Consultant and Trainer

"The format of  the course meant that I felt really relaxed right from the start, so I was able to enjoy it as well as really benefiting from it.  Now I keep thinking up more and more ways I can try to use self hypnosis to make my life easier! " - Caroline, Accountant

"You don't know the power of your own mind until you explore where it can take you." - Gill Linforth, teacher

"This is a very intense yet extremely enjoyable course which allows you to discover the power within you." - Toni Kelly, Project manager (2nd time attending)

"I was really impressed with the whole course.  Normally, anything with so many contact hours would leave me drained and dying to go home each evening.  Instead I felt energised and didn't want it to finish!  I feel calm and relaxed and ready to face what I know will be a hectic week.  Thank you." - Lara, Careers consultant

"Life Changing!" - Paul Garritty (all the way from Geneva!) 

"Like nothing you could ever imagine!" - Wiremu Curtis (age 10)

"I arrived open minded and left a firm believer" - Kate Rupa, Quantity Surveyor

"I feel like I have gained a super power." - Anna Evans, teacher

"Repetition, with both this course and its techniques are the key, practice makes perfect.  If you do it enough you might even get as good as Nicolette!" - Paul Fisher, Sales Advisor

"This course has given me a boost to believe in myself and not let anything/anyone stop me!!" - Raksa Champaneria, Driving Instructor (2nd time attending)

"Wow...this has changed my life.  I went from crazy to absolute bonkers!" - Wiremu Curtis (age 10) (2nd time attending)

"A very comprehensive course that allows you to develop tools for use in every area of your life.  Impressive that you ca re-attend for a highly reduced fee." - Jo Fuller, teacher

"I came with an idea of what I wanted to achieve with S.H. but have been able to apply it to so much more." - Kate Rupa, Quantity Surveyor (2nd time attending)

"Easily exceeded expectations and covered how to live a fuller life as well as self-hypnosis." - Jayesh Chauhan, Tax Adviser

"I was very sceptical before I came on the course and didn't believe that I had the 'power' or ability to control my life and make the differences that I want to make to it.  I am completely sold!! I cannot wait to explore the possibilities." - Naina Chauhan, Teacher

"I am really impressed about the unlimited power within us and very grateful to you for having showed us a channel to enable and access this power." - Jency Valaiakalail, Software Engineer 

"Very good.  I started doubting its power but I now believe that it is very powerful." - David McEntire, Student (14) 

"Once you have done this course the world is your oyster!  Yeah baby!!  I have the Power!!!." - Ramesh Chauhan, Barrister's Clerk (2nd time attending)

"Had very high expectations prior to course and I was still highly impressed with the outcome of the course." - Fernando Lages, Engineer 

"I had never considered self-hypnosis was possible, useful, effective until two days before the course.  So with little pre-course thought and expectation I am actually quite shocked to find what I am capable of achieving.  Not since the birth of my first child 20 years ago, have I been blown away." - Pete Sumner, Design Engineer 

"I'm glad I came to retake the course.  It reminded me tht it can really make a difference." - Deborah, Lawyer  (2nd time attending)

"It really works." - Linda, Teacher 

"I feel I should have done this course when I was a teenager and not when I was 59.." - Christine Sumner, Surgeon's Assistant 

"The self-hypnosis course has introduced me to a very powerful tool for me to use immediately and in the future.  I am deeply grateful to Nicolette" - Kay Tim, Master in Feng Shui, Chinese Horoscope and auspicious date selelction 

"Such a simple and easy thing can change the rest of your life, wish I had done it sooner." - Neil Fisher, Retail Store Manager 

"Before the course I was very unsure of what to expect and how much is could benefit me.  After the course, I'm amazed by how many things it can help me with in my life and can't wait to start using it." - Robert Sumner, Student 

"I came on the course unsure of what it involved and sceptical of hypnosis.  I now have a better understanding of what hypnosis is and have learnt many valuable tools." - Matt Sumner, Student 

"For years I have always doubted myself, my confidence and my abilities to change anything within my life.  This course has m-powered me to know that I can." - Norma Shankle, Midwife & Neonatal Nurse 

"This course is like winning a Golden Ticket to a bright, calm, happy and wonderful life.  Anything is possible, life can be change and we can achieve anything, if only we believe." - Tina Hancox, Nurse 

"I enjoyed the course so much I redid the whole course again to ensure I was totally M-Powered" - Christine Sumner, Surgeon's Assistant 

"A fantastic & life changing weekend.  I now feel so fulfilled and positive - thank you." - Sophie Wisson, Student Sonographer 

"Have belief, you can make the impossible possible." - Chloe Stewart-Robinson, student

"Knowing ignorance is strength, ignoring knowledge is weakness.  Hypnosis is knowledge for yourself." - Nick Kalargeros, Pedestrian Safety Team Leader

"Great course!  If anyone has interest it means they should do it." - Tony WIlmot, Yoga teacher

"Not that I was a sceptic about this before the course, but I wasn't fully sold on the theory (as anyone who has no prior knowledge of this technique would be). But it is important to go into the course with an open mind & no expectations. (But it works). - Amrit Sidhu, student

"Having done the course previously, 2 years ago, it was good to refresh and meet other empowered people" - Norma Shankle, nurse

"Nicolette has a very gentle teaching style which puts you at ease instantly.  I left feeling empowered and excited about the possibilities for the future." - Mandeep Kaur, Scientific Salesperson

"Inspiring, empowering, friendly and constructive.  Great group and people.  Top teacher. Third time now and this time I will use the power that is self-hypnosis" - Simon Jowett, chef

"This was a truly unique experience.  I can't wait to start programming my subconscious with all the positive things I want to achieve and reaping the benefits"  - Marie Fulbrook, Admin Manager

"As soon as I'd started the course I felt relaxed and my original goals changed as I saw the amazing opportunities self-hypnosis presented." - Sharon Hobbs, Operations Manager

"I have always found learning challenging, but Nicolette's teaching style and encouraging attitude coupled with a relaxed environment made all the difference." - Kevin Orchard, Therapist

If you've been on one of my courses and would now like to give me a quote, with the benefit of hindsight, please e-mail me. 

Many thanks,