Hi Nicolette,

I thought  I would just drop you quick line to say thank you.  The hypnotherapy sessions had a great effect and although I was still nervous giving my presentation it was a normal level of nerves.  The feedback from the presentation has been fantastic and my supervisor was stunned and said to me ' what did you do with the jibbering wreck - fantastic brilliant what a star!'

So thank you very much, having the hypnotherapy has made a huge difference. 
best wishes
Elaine Taylor

Hello Nicolette

I had a fantastic time doing the show [The Weakest Link] and would recommend anyone to put their names forward to go on the show.
I haven't suffered with IBS since seeing you - I no longer need to listen to my CD although I still have it just in case - I have had many parts in plays and even flew to America on my own over Easter to visit a friend of mine in North Carolina and was absolutely fine. I recommend hypnotherapy to everyone I know as it changed my life. Even to the extent of going on national television and taking Ann Robinson on!!!!!.

So many many thanks to you.
Best Regards

Rosie Worsley

 Hi Nicolette, hope you're well?

Just thought you might like an update:
I've lost nearly two stone: The panic attacks have all but gone and the defiance is hardly ever there. And if I was any more laid back about my Brother's new girlfriend (normally I'm very stressed cos they piss me off) I'd be lying horizontal!
So, all in all, I'd say that you were actually a GENIUS! He he!
Thank you so much,

Hi Nicolette,

Thank you for the second beneficial hypno session on Tuesday.
I slept so soundly I had to be called this morning!
Feeling much calmer and more positive.
Even managed to drag some heavy metal fencing from what I laughingly call my garage to front garden for a scrapman to collect.
The fencing has been languishing and rusting in the garage since I bought it in 1992!

I shall certainly recommend you to any friends who might benefit from your skills.
I should be happy to provide a testimonial although I suspect you may have plenty of these already.

Best wishes,

Dermot (still feeling "sanguine"!) x

Hi Nicolette, just a few lines to say thanks, in just a few weeks my life has changed dramatically.  Firstly on the train at Stansted I just kept myself calm and told myself I was safe,  I did the same on the plane no problem.  On holiday I found myself eating good food not the usual rubbish, drinking more water and only eating when I am hungry.  On holiday I went down some caves no problem, I have also lost weight.  My wife has commented on how my confidence has improved and I hold myself better.  Sorry to go on a bit but so much has changed, so another big thank you Nicolette if I have any more problems I know where to come, thanks.
                Yours Paul Boundy

 Hi Nicolette

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your help in relieving my anxiety! My skiing trip went off with hardly any hitches.

I listened to your hypno cd regularly in the 2 weeks leading up to the trip, had a slight wobble whilst waiting for the taxi so sat 'tapping' until we got to the airport and was then absolutely fine. No upset stomachs, no attacks, just general nerves that your techniques helped me to counter very quickly. The trip itself was a success and the journey back terribly uneventful! So, thank you, as travel in the last 4 years has been a nightmare, now hopefully that will be a thing of the past.

Anyway, thank you for everything.
Kind regards

Dear Nicolette, 

I wanted to thank you for helping me to enjoy the flight to America, and back.  It really made a difference to enjoying my holiday and thanks to you it was good.  Thanks again and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

I went to see Nicolette after a series of difficult life changing events which happened over the space of 6 months. I was left feeling highly anxious, depressed and I had no sense of optimism about anything. Nicolette asked me questions to understand what I was looking for and how would I like to feel. Her style is very gentle, warm, insightful and intelligent.
After my very first session I left with a little spring in my step, after my second a week later, I felt like I was in a completely different place. I felt joy again, I felt optimistic and positive for the very first time in about a year and half and I felt I could look forward to simple things again. If I feel myself “sinking” again I listen to my CD and after a couple of times of listening to it I feel better and better. I do think this has helped me deal with day to day life and the challenges that come up much much better than I ever have.
 I’ve seen a few hypnotherapists previously and I can honestly say Nicolette is the by far the best and most effective person I have seen. I can’t recommend her enough. If you are considering hypnotherapy for whatever reason, I would absolutely recommend her.
I hope all is well for you and hope to see you again some time!! I am still too scared to come to Psychic night but that because I'm a big baby!! If I do plan to come I will let you know.
Lots of love RC

Hi Nicollette, just to say a big thank you for helping me re my best man speech. Ten minutes before i started to get the nerves but pulled myself together and am told i delivered a brilliant speech. Guests were aproaching me all day and night telling me how funny and good they thought i was. To be honest once i got started i was actually enjoying myself. So once again a very big thank you and i will be seeing you soon.

Paul :)

Dear Nicolette,
Please excuse the delay in getting back to you, I've been up to my eyes in it since our Conference and Workshops last week. 
I'm really impressed, the nerves got to me just a little on' the day before ', but nowhere nearly as badly as usually, and we did our 35 minute presentation without any problems, I even enjoyed the last half of it!
Next day was the same again but this time to a different audience. Again only a hint of nerves, but this time the IT man made a bit of a hash of the radio mike levels, an unknown man walked between the projector and screen backstage and someone else opened up with a petrol driven power tool in a room adjacent to our presentation room, it was truly a comedy of errors, though thankfully not on our part, and we came through it unscathed, we even got a round of applause!
So, sincere thanks Nicolette. I'm away for about 10 days now, but, on my return, I'll call you.
Who knows you may be able to transform me into a normal, balanced human being!
Sincere thanks,
Chris Dyhouse

Hi Nicolette,
I am Adam Cook, the boy who had a fear of dogs and you used hypnosis on me a few months ago, remember me?
I went to one of my friends house to see their new dog (because I had been acting unusually calm around dogs) and it was so cute! It was crazy and ran around the garden, licked me and jumped up at me. Guess what? I wasn't scared of it!
I am already nagging my parents to get a baby spaniel (that is the breed of the dog) I am also going to walk the dog with my friend when the dog is old enough to stay on its feet properly. I am surprised my parents are actually considering getting a spaniel after me being so scared of them before.......
I would just like to say thank-you so so much for helping me with my phobia.

Hiya...I hope you are well.
I thought you might want to tell any other "doubting thomases" who come to see you that what you do really works!!!  Not that I ever doubted you really :)
Oh Nicolette, I feel like I've just passed my driving test again...I am on cloud nine!  After our second session last week I had the opportunity to present again, the next day, and was absolutely determined it was going to be great....not even a foot of snow was going to keep me away from uni!
Anyway last week I had little choice but to lead our group in the presentation as no-one else had bothered to read what we had to discuss...and it was a million times better... I found I could actually breathe and speak at the same time without having a heart attack!  All the usual sense of panic which I had experienced totally disappeared. I had typed out some notes beforehand so I could read them if I got stuck, but I only wanted to refer to them as last resort and preferred to just ad lib instead.  I did look at them a couple of times to remember what I'd come up with about what we had had to read but otherwise I didn't need them.  Presentation time rolled around again today and this time I was totally unprepared, I'd made no notes and had only read the poetry I needed to...I'd made no mind maps either...this week has been really hectic and I'd run out of time....everyone turned to me again to present, as the youngsters tend to have a social life (I wonder if they offer those in Sainsburys "buy one, get one free") and never have time to do any work - who can blame them eh?...I couldn't believe it, no notes and everything just flowed out!!!! there was no stopping me, even articulacy and everything!!! (Yes I'm pretty sure, that is a word! :) You couldn't shut me up! In fact I'd have to say I was bloomin fantastic!
I hope you'll pass this on to any other people you have come to see you and or if they are still undecided as to whether to see you, give them my number!  Can you tell how ecstatic I am? :)
Thanks for all your help.
Best Wishes 
Jayne Williams

Also, have a look at my childbirth feedback "What Mum's Say" and feedback from my self-hypnosis courses in "Accolades" and "Letters" and also Hypno-slim feedback.

Nicolette x

Morning Nicolette
 Just a quick update.  Where do I start..........I feel fantastic!!!  I feel confident, patient, calm, trusting (with Luke).  I have stopped criticising myself and it is just getting better and better........ life excites me now.  I am more aware of what is around me of which I am so grateful for!!!
 Thank you with all my heart for guiding me on my new journey of life.
 Julie x

Dear Nicolette,
I just wanted to drop you a quick line, first to thank you for our session yesterday and secondly to report on how I am getting on.   I cannot believe how relaxed and positive I am feeling already, its truly amazing!  My heating broke down this morning, so the house was cold and there was no hot water.  However, rather than panic and get stressed over it I felt totally unaffected.  This is most unusual for me.  Instead, I boiled lots of kettles and was able to enjoy a very shallow bath.   lol...  I also feel a sense of fun and hope inside me, which I can honestly say I have not felt for a very long time.  What is most interesting also, is the responses that you get from others.  I made my children laugh a lot last night and to me that is priceless.  On the negative side I was unable to study last night as I seemed to have a pressure headache, and did not sleep very well as I was unable to switch off, but I think that is more to do with my exams coming up next week.  Sorry, if I am blabbing, but I am so thrilled with the results even at this early stage. 
Hope to hear from you soon,
Thanks again, 
Kind Regards

Hi Nicolette,
 I promised you a progress report on my Paris flights - so here goes.
In a nutshell, it was a 100 per cent success! And I am absolutely delighted.
 If you remember, I came to you because I had been experiencing panic problems when flying in recent years I felt "out of control" on planes - akin to claustrophobia really because I felt that I could not stop and get off if I wanted to.
 When I flew out to Paris last week, I must admit I was a little apprehensive on the morning - partly, I think, because it was many weeks since I had seen you for my programme.
 However, I had listened several times  to the CD you had made for me. And after attending your self hypnosis course, my confidence increased dramatically.
 Anyway, I was a little nervous on board, but nothing more and I chatted happily to other passengers - even though I admit I shut the window next to me so I could not see out. But the flight was fine and I felt really upbeat.
 On the way home, I didn't even think about having any problems. I got on board, left the window open - looked out at the ground below and the clouds after take off and the whole thing was a breeze. In fact, I really enjoyed it. It was just like when I first started going on planes years ago and it was a pleasant experience. No nerves at all.
So, you have another satisfied and happy client!!
Take care,

Dear Nicolette,

I want to thank you for the hypnotherapy that you did with me as it has helped me to be able to de-stress and the good news is that my sleep is improving.  I no longer feel completely exhausted.

I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy as you know but I am so happy that I found such a good hypnotherapist as yourself who could show me the benefits it could bring to my life.  I have been regularly listening to the tape.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.
Yours sincerely,

Susie Palfreyman

Reviews/Feedback from Clients

Hi Nicolette,

I saw you just before Christmas when I was about to go skiing with my friend Carol, who had recommended that I see you.

Carol and I were awesome on the slopes and we had a brilliant time. I found myself looking forward to each day, and my forgotten skills re-surfaced, making me a confident and happy skier. Carol couldn’t believe the difference! ( well, actually, she could, because it had happened to her!)

Others noticed how my ski-ing had improved and it felt great. 
I just wanted to give you this feedback!

Please give me details of your next available weekend course as I am interested in attending.
I have passed your name onto several friends who, I hope, will be in touch with you in the coming weeks.

 Happy New Year and I look forward to hearing from you.
Gill Linforth

Hi Nicolette

I only saw you 6 weeks ago but a lot has happened since then.
I took and passed my exams and the results were great. I was probably the most relaxed person in the room and remembered everything, even for the practical assessment which I had dreaded.

Not only that I applied for a job and went through a grueling half day of assessment including role play and formal interview. I handled it really well and was offered the job. It's ages since I bothered to apply for anything as I was too apprehensive about the selection process, but the assessors were very complimentary about how I did.

I am much more confident about myself, and I realise the only factor holding me back all this time has been me, and my hang-ups from the distant past.

Thanks Nicolette !

Linda x