Letters from Self-Hypnosis Students

Here are some wonderful extracts from genuine letters and e-mails that I have received from my self-hypnosis students - telling me about their successes after completing an M-Power-Me self-hypnosis course:

Dear Nicolette,
I was offered the job & was relaxed & calm throughout & enjoyed the entire process.
I'm noticing subtle changes in my life & am positive it is a consequence of self-hypnosis & know, as a result, my life will be better & better.
Best wishes Sharon

“Dear Nicolette, I would like to say a big thank you for a wonderful, peaceful and enjoyable weekend I spent with you.  So far this has been the best birthday present I have ever received.  The marvellous feeling after the course is still with me.  The following week I felt very excited and enthusiastic and enjoyed much better sleep than I have experienced for a long time.
I find the RELAX programme very helpful at work – though people are looking at me a bit suspiciously as I practice it in the loo!”
love Angela

Hi Nicolette,
Thought I'd let you know about this week's success. On Monday I attended a professional meeting.
Previous meetings had always been very confrontational & inevitably, unpleasant. However, in preparation for this week's meeting I had installed a programme & seemed to sail through it. My manager 'phoned me last night to congratulate me on how well I had handled the meeting & said I was "brilliant" throughout & handled all questions brilliantly (my interpretation is calm, relaxed, confident, effective & efficient!!!) This was a real hurdle for me & am eagerly writing as many programmes as possible for installation. 
I've also used the instant hypnosis & found it wonderful.
Thanks for the photographs -my husband now calls me RSJ!!!
Regards Sharon.

Hi Nicolette, forgive the delay I am still learning how to send emails! Below is a progress report of how my first week went. I am planning to write 2 programs, 1 to improve my flexibility and the other to motivate me to get the house finished. As soon as I have done them I will send them to you for fine tuning! See you soon love Charlotte x

 Monday - Having hypnotised myself the previous night to be calm and confident at work, and on the course I was going on after work, this is how my day went:
- set the alarm at a later time than usual and successfully used the relax programme instead of snoozing 4/5 times
- felt refreshed and alert when I arrived at work. I would usually feel groggy
- responded professionally, assertively and appropriately to a patient who was quite aggressively complaining that we weren’t looking after one of the other patients properly. My stomach would usually have knotted up in apprehension of a confrontational response, it didn’t.
- went through the shift without doubting myself about anything
- went to course but realised I'd gone to the wrong university luckily someone there showed me how to get to where I needed to go. Only had a few minutes to park the car and walk to building but remained totally calm. Once there realised there are about 10 different campuses and I was at the wrong one! Calmly went into reception to ask for directions only to find that it was shut. Unable to ask anyone where I was supposed to go, I decided to go back to work to explain to my boss why I hadn’t been able to go on the course. on the way back to the car I reached into my bag for my car keys and loads of stuff fell onto the floor with bits of paper being blown away and me chasing after them  instead of getting angry I actually found it funny! On the way back to work I got lost and then when I eventually found it I went to see my boss.  At this point I would usually have felt considerably stressed out, I would have sweated a fair amount making me feel yucky and uncomfortable and I would have been feeling quite anxious at the prospect of explaining all this to my boss - knotted stomach, clammy hands, breathless etc. I had none of these physical feelings and felt totally calm! Wow!

  lost with the new road works in town but remained calm. Had been worrying a bit about going to see my friend but it all went fine.
Had planned to write suggestions for certain aspects of my life but have found that in some cases I don’t need to because they're generally linked to confidence anyway so these problems seem to be sorting themselves out as a result of being confident.

 Wednesday - Hypnotised myself to be calm, confident, competent and patient.
Went to hairdressers usually find this can be a bit intimidating for me. Was also a few minutes late but I didn’t stress whatsoever.
At work in a meeting felt completely relaxed. My colleagues were mainly discussing low morale and lots of politics crap that would usually annoy me and wind me up and it all just drifted over me. And I was able to focus on getting on with my job looking after the patients and ignoring all the negative feelings around me.

Thursday Friday - Continuing to be calm etc. and dealing with anything that’s thrown at me. Nothing seems to be fazing me!

Saturday - Was the only assistant teacher at ballet so had to take a lot more classes than I would usually take. I noticed that my teaching had improved, I was able to communicate both to the children and to my teacher more effectively, I didn’t struggle to find the words I needed, and I just took the whole day in my stride. I found that I really enjoyed doing it and felt very proud of myself for doing so well. I hadn’t even used my teaching suggestion so I am now looking forward to installing that programme and getting on with working on my qualification.

I have noticed a massive difference in myself, I am becoming the way I want to be and as a consequence feel a lot happier about my life and everything around me. 

Charlotte x

Joe: Self-hypnosis Progress Report
Monday - Played Nicolette’s CD in the morning before leaving the house. 
In the afternoon I went to an opening of a building for which I was part of the professional team. Although I do not consider myself to lack confidence, I know that when I meet people for the first time I find my conversation to be a little strained and that I’m rather self-conscious and lack continuity of conversation as a result. When I left the opening. I realised that I had been engaging complete strangers in conversation at my instigation and had been very comfortable with it. I had seen people standing on their own looking self-conscious and walked over to them and instigated conversations with none of the usual minor anxiety which I would normally feel.

During the afternoon I developed mild but noticeable pain in the area of my bottom two or three ribs on my rhs. It occurred to me that this might be the result of a certain ‘iron bar’ exercise, however during the evening the discomfort increased and whilst I was sitting reading “Illusions” at home it had got to the stage where I was finding it difficult to ignore it. I decided to finish the chapter and deal with it using self-hypnosis. Having made this decision I read on. The very next paragraph read ‘Surround it in a golden light, if you want. That’s a healing thing, to help make it real, but it works in magnetizing too’. I finished the chapter and decided to hypnotise myself and imagine a golden light healing the affected area. I also decided that I would not zap away the pain as I didn’t want to mask a more serious problem (were there one). I felt confident that the healing light would sort out the problem by morning.   And so it did.

Tuesday  - Went book shopping

Wednesday - Played Nicolette’s CD in the morning before leaving the house. Followed this by 10 minute ‘Relax’.

Thursday  - ‘Relaxed’ in morning before getting up.  Wrote mind map to help develop a programme entitled ‘perfect fingernails’ (I bite them). Followed mind map with programme.  I installed the perfect fingernails programme using the pre-suggestion technique.

Began reading ‘You can heal your life’.   I’ve noticed that when reading now, I tend to assimilate the information first read. Often in the past (last week and beyond) I found when reading that my mind would wander and I would often find myself reading the words without taking anything in. This may be because I am especially interested in the subject matter.

Friday  - Found myself with finger in my mouth! Decided to add sentence to my ‘Perfect Fingernails’ programme. Have found since then that I have removed fingers and thumbs immediately from mouth. Result!
Had very difficult negotiation with removal firm who were trying to charge more than their quoted price for the move. They were threatening to keep all the furniture unless we paid the extra money. I remained calm and confident, not losing it with their unreasonable behaviour, as may have happened in the past and after about an hour convinced the firm to do the right thing for the quoted price. Another result!


Hi Nicolette,

Success - Last week I attended an all day interview which involved the formal interview in the morning, lunch with twenty people connected with the post and  a presentation to these twenty people (GPs, hospital consultants, nurse managers and senior nurses) in the afternoon. I had a week's notice to prepare & despite feeling daunted I knew I'd sail through the day once I'd installed a programme. I have been offered the post and truly believe that with the power of self-hypnosis you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I had thought of contacting you for a zap but decided I had the power/ability to manage the situation myself and so I did. It also has a domino affect on all aspects of your life & I'm finding that I'm packing more & more in to my day & doing things that I wouldn't have undertaken previously. I am a TRUE convert.
Best wishes Sharon

I've been teaching people to relax for the last 20 years, but I've never been able to achieve it so quickly or deeply before!
verbal quote by Jacqui (Occupational Therapist)


I just wanted to say that  I've had a great week so far this week - I've been really calm and focussed at work, totally unstressed despite being thrown into lots of different situations.  I've been doing my relax
everyday - I quite often do it when I'm tired (if that makes sense) as it rejuvenates me, for example, I did 5 minutes on the bus on the way to work this morning and felt much better.  At first I didn't think that my body clock was paying any attention to the times I was telling it I wanted to relax for, but I've been checking and it does work!

I've had a busy week and I haven't had much time to look at the folder and haven't listened to your CD yet.  But I have had time to do a little zap every day - just little suggestions to be more effective and efficient and calm and relaxed - it doesn't seem to be difficult to find a little time for that!

I've told a lot of people about the course and I know several people who are interested and may come along to the next Friday night session at least.  Thanks for everything and I will keep in touch!

Dear Nicolette,

I have had the most amazing few days, if this carries on…well who knows!!  I am keeping a diary (never done that before!), and one of my sisters (a deputy head of a secondary school in North London) has already said I haven’t sounded so well for a long time.  She is interested in attending, so I have sent her the details. 

Thank you for everything, I thought the course was excellent and am impressed at how something so intensive, felt so very comfortable. 

Regards, Toni

I am e-mailing to inform you that the zapping is going amazingly and I'd like to tell you about my funny day.
I was doing PE and was completely Knackered & so decided to zap something like 'I am awake - full of energy '. This worked a treat & I did excellently in football. Foolishly, I had forgotten to programme how long I wanted it to last!
Unaware of this, I went to Maths & found myself working non-stop (not normal) doing multiplication, division, addition & subtraction so that by the end of class I had done triple my quota & was helping others who were struggling along.   By now I had realised my mistake but had to wait. I marched home, hurdled myself onto my bed & turned off the programme.   Immediately, I was completely exhausted & had to go to bed early.
This was just one more bit of proof that I CAN use self-hypnosis.
I hope you enjoyed this story.   
David (age 14)


Dear Nicolette

Just thought I would drop you an e-mail to let you know how I am progressing with my hypnosis. Its amazing, I am on my placement in theatre, and I have just completed my first week. I am really relaxed and in control. I have not fainted at the sight of blood, in fact, I am quite the opposite. I am totally fascinated and enjoy watching the 'horror movies', sorry, I mean operations. There is plenty of blood and guts and I have observed a full hip and knee replacement plus many other gory ops. Thursday was quite a bad day for me as I felt quite low, quite withdrawn and in general not very sure of my capabilities. The following morning I wrote out a script and zapped away all my insecurities. It worked, I could not believe it, I was a totally different person, happy, confident and assertive. It is a wonderful feeling and I look forward to each new day. Thank you

From a happy zapper Amanda x
(Amanda is a student nurse, who had a fear of blood)

Dear Nicolette
I now have my e-mail up and running, so I thought I would drop you a line to let you know what a fantastic week I have had since coming on the course. I enjoyed last weekend so much, you delivered it brilliantly and I returned to Hampshire ready to take on the world.
I have practised my relaxation and hypnosis at least once every day. So far my suggestions have been simple but effective,
On Wednesday I had my best Piano lesson for years, ...... My piano teacher remarked on the change in me, he is very into psychology and told me at the end of the lesson that for a long time when he has arrived to teach me, he visualises that he is wearing a helmet to protect himself from all my negative comments, but this week two minutes into the lesson he was able to take it off, is that not amazing!
I found going on the course with Glynis was the icing on the cake, as we have phoned each other every evening recounting all the positive elements of our day with a few suggestions thrown in.
I really feel as if someone has cleaned my windows and I now see life much clearer, much more focused and I am looking forward to whatever is round the corner!
Thank you


Dear Nicolette,

Well, the day after the course I started a new job and as usual I expected I would be a bit nervous. After a zap about ‘confidence’ and ‘being calm’ I was able to walk into the class and  takeover smoothly from their old teacher, who had left suddenly. My time with the class was lovely and I really enjoyed every new challenge thrown at me, including having to play the guitar in the Christmas assembly to 40 parents and the whole school. I used many small programmes which were as short as … “ I am more and more confident in playing my guitar in public, I enjoy entertaining others with my music and I  am more and more calm and able to enjoy the experience”  Up until this time I had only ever played to a small class or up to 70 children so playing to a whole school and parents without any hesitation or nerves was rewarding!

 Before I came on the course I had the problem of always being tired after work and never having enough energy to make good use of my leisure time. I started using the relax programme in the morning when I woke up, then after school and again at night and I found myself with loads of energy! I don’t have to crawl into bed at 9.30pm now and if I do get tired during the day I have a quick 10 or 15 min relax at work! It has been amazing to see the difference

I have also used my self hypnosis to help my body through an infection in my throat which I would usually have had to see a doctor for. As I suffer from tonsillitis and sore throats two of three times a year I am well aware when I need to make the visit to the doctor and a strepsil won’t do the trick. Well I must admit that I did actually make an appointment but they couldn’t see me for nearly a week so I wrote a programme for my throat. The infection went away itself quickly, I was also able to control the pain until it had cleared up!

 Well as you know I was a sceptic right up until the end of the weekend, how could it be so easy? ……..Who cares, it works!

 Thanks and I will be back again for the weekend and hopefully I will bring along a friend!

Anna xx


Dear Nicolette,
Many thanks for the M-Power Weekend.  I have used the new skills all week which has been a very busy one. Using RELAX morning and evening definitely boosted my energy and kept me enthusiastic about each day. It was the start of the GCSE Art exam which is a marathon ten hours! At the beginning of the first three hour session I decided to talk very positively telling them how they had made all the right decisions in their preparatory studies and that they would continue to make the right choices throughout the exam. I reinforced their confidence and told them that they would demonstrate all the skills they had and therefore would meet all the exam criteria. All they needed to do then was to enjoy the creativity! And so they did! At the end of the session I congratulated them on their work and suggested they reflected on any areas they might need to research or practice before the next session. On Friday they returned for the five hour session --- Always the most challenging as students often find the effort of concentrating for so long is quite something else! However I went through the same positive encouragement and they were superb. It was really interesting to see that even the less naturally talented students were producing good quality work. We have 100 pupils (five groups) all of mixed ability and colleagues were amazed at how the students in my group had all consistently produced the better final pieces than their groups and they had! Their final two hour session is on Tuesday and I know they will continue to do so. The M-Power weekend has helped me to remember to always use positive language and its power within the classroom and in one to one situations. In previous years I would have used the," Don't forget" instructions before the exam and needless to say many would!
Zapping came in more than useful this week when on Friday after school I was putting up some fairy lights along the corridor. Our Head is retiring and we were having a special "Do" that evening. I was merrily putting drawing pins into the pinboard to hook the lights over when I knelt on 5! All punctured securely into my Knee! It was competition for the safety-pin trick!! At first I was quite shocked and as I pulled them out their was blood everywhere. I suddenly remembered your tale about the ring incident in the bathroom. So I told everyone to leave me alone and I went in search of a quiet area. I found a room stacked with chairs and no floor space so I sat on a chair and zapped PIBBSS!  It stopped hurting straight away. About half an hour later I went back to my office and zapped myself in a more relaxed way, lying on the floor. It certainly did help and I was on my feet for the rest of the evening my knee non the worst for the drawing pin punctures! When I got home at midnight (I had been at school since 7am! ) my knee had just 5 pin prick marks and a slight bruise around one. I must have forgotten the bruise bit in the first Zap! But now we have the instant ability to Zap such situations will  be better and better!
Today we are off to London to pick up Ruth from her work experience and we will watch the boat race before returning home. The girls are hoping that the Cambridge crew have Zapped themselves for a win! 
 Thank you again for the wonderful weekend. I know it is making a big difference to us all. 

Love Frances x


Hi Nicolette

I've been meaning to contact you to let you know that after the weekend course in March I did program in the zap to help me mark all that coursework I'd been dreading doing and it worked an absolute treat, I can honestly say I really enjoyed marking it all and finished in good time!!  

I'd love to come along to another Friday night, or indeed a whole weekend again if that's possible as I really was bowled over by the whole experience.  

Kind regards

Dear Nicolette, 

As you know last weekend I attended the M-Power-Me Self-Hypnosis Course at Coventry and I am absolutely convinced that I have had a life changing experience.

Before I describe my experience and why I have made, what is for me, a very expansive statement I should give brief details of my background and recent mindset, so as to explain my starting point.

My background is Training and Training Management having had what most people would describe as a very successful career with BT. I was responsible for the design and launch of a major change project for BT’s largest engineering division. I make this comment only in the spirit of “the bigger they are the harder they fall” since my life in most aspects has (oops had) gone progressively downhill. Without baring my soul too much and producing a text “to slash your wrist by”, my state of mind prior to this weekend, was characterised by such words and phrases as utter lethargy, de-motivation, overwhelmed, lacking in concentration, and pessimistic. I don’t need to go into why this situation has arisen since I’m sure it’s multi-causal, but suffice it to say, that I have never in my life been given to pessimism and self-pity. In fact I believe wholeheartedly that the only way to move onward and upward is via unequivocal optimism.

Before continuing to describe the weekend’s experience, I should also say that I am not normally given to flattery since it is easy to degenerate into sycophancy. However, it is really important for me to describe the depth of the feeling that I have for what occurred or rather its effect on me.

The course has provided a well-structured tool for me to work towards re-establishing my energy, enthusiasm and motivation. Through the superb delivery of a well-designed programme, Nicolette was extremely supportive in all phases of the event. There was real power and logic in the provided rationale for communicating with the sub-conscious. The M-Power-Me Self-Hypnosis Model provides a comprehensive but comfortable process to follow, which having had some prior experience of Hypnosis I know to be well founded. However, for me the ability to produce a programme for my self, and my challenges, is what gives the course exceptional strength and intensity. The Sunday demonstrations with volunteers, which I will not describe so as not to let the cat out of the bag for potential candidates, was a fantastic confirmation of the skills acquired. The result of these demonstrations is difficult for an ex Royal Marine to explain but there was one occasion when moisture appeared in my eyes (O.K. tears) as a result of an unshakable realisation that I had been empowered to make real changes in my life and that the desperation I had been experiencing, was now a thing of the past. I tried to hide the incident by implying I had something in my eye, but I know in my heart that what I had experienced was a real and an unforgettable experience.

I realise that having been provided with the tools it is up to me to deploy them and I have started my programme with a daily Self-Hypnosis session incorporating my own “Megalithic Productivity” programme. I now feel a sense of real resilience and optimism. I also understand that to realise the benefits and repair the “damage” I need to maintain the momentum so this is the first of a series of progress reports, (not as long promise) - watch this space.

Finally a word of thanks to you Nicolette. I’ll confine this to a few sentences so as not to embarrass you too much.

Throughout life we all encounter, from time to time, individuals who encourage, motivate, empower and inspire us to make colossal changes in our beliefs values and attitudes. As a result of these encounters we are gifted with an insight into a rich and fulfilling life. I have taken to thinking of the these “teachers” as “my most unforgettable characters” you are out on your own on the top of my list especially since I have had the privilege of meeting you in person.

I now understand the adage “when you are ready the master appears”.

Thank you, 


Hi Nicolette,
Just a few lines to say how Frances and I are getting on. Well where to begin, I think the best thing I can do is quote my son who a week after the course claimed he got his Dad back.  I seem to now be able to let go when I get home and let the worrying about work happen at work and even there a quick zap doesn't half help. Even close friends have seen a difference.
Frances and I use your CD together and give each other support.  The relaxation is great and we are both sleeping better (lower volume on the foghorn and using the relax prior to sleep).
As someone who started a complete sceptic I am coming round to  just accepting it works and although difficult for me I am letting go of the temptation to analyse everything.
Thanks for all your help and I'll be in touch again
All the best

Many thanks for the course a fortnight ago.  I enjoyed myself a lot and came away with some valuable skills.  I've been using it a lot to relax and to help recover from minor running injuries.  The CD is great.

All the best

Hello Dr Lawson, I hope you're well.

Thanks again for the great course.
I have been using self hypnosis a lot, my first programmes roughly being "I would continue to use it for the rest of my life " + " I Believed it worked and worked powerfully" (this helped a lot as the reality of the course was "mind blowing" to me and, left me with annoying doubts I knew were silly but still had!!! not anymore. ) 
 My programme for self confidence has made a huge difference, my thinking is no longer "what can I do" it's "what do I want to do".  Dark, negative, unfriendly, people seem less so, when moving around them I forget they're even there (I shall be doing a programme for awareness!!!). Before it required effort and energy to deal with or ignore them, now... zero.
The other big one was for forgiveness " I forgive my self +others for all mistakes, wrong doing etc" - people and events I " detested" are now "just the way they are"
I feel a lot more in control of me and I am enjoying the process of changing myself for the better.
I am  reading and researching many things in order to write programmes, like the beliefs of very successful people, it's ongoing and fun.
Thank you again
All the Best 

Hi Nicolette, 

Hope you are very well. Thank you for the empowering weekend, during which I have learned so much about how much in control of my life I am and I can be. On Sunday afternoon in the first attempt of the self hypnosis (before plank and pin program installation) I have copied your suggestions and I programmed by Subby to enjoy the rest of the day and stay calm and positive for everything. This was something I really needed because, directly after the course I drove to London to see my girlfriend. I got stuck in 3 massive traffic jams, my sat navigation stopped working and my phone got discharged and I did not know the way to her place (as she just moved there recently). All of that might seem to sound like the worse evening ever and normally I will be fuming wild, but not that time!!! Because I have programmed myself to enjoy the day, I just took a deep breath and with the smile I was enjoyably waiting in calm for my turn to go 1 meter further, etc. Because of that and because I stayed positive I had enough time to look around and think about the way to her house. Eventually, I have arrived to her place with only 1h delay and I was still happy and enthusiastic to tell her all about what I have learnt during the weekend and I have encouraged her to do the course next timeJ Her name is Sophie and she probably contacted you already.

 During the week I have decided to wait with hypnotising myself until I will receive the corrected materials from you and just focused on improving the relaxation technique, so I could use it more efficiently during my bike trip in India. This is unbelievable how my body reacts when the time I set to myself starting to elapse. I feel my eye lids shaking and wanting to be open, which I can't stop. When I open my eyes I look and the clock and realize that it is because my relaxation time is coming to an endJ it really works!!! For the last week I wasn't spoiling my body with extensive sleeping hours, because I was planning the trip in the evenings or going to London to see my girlfriend. Until now I have managed to stay energised all the time, because I have been regularly using: "relax, relax, relax, lax" 3x a day in the morning, after work and just before going to sleep. It is very powerful technique.  

The next step for me is to improve my self hypnosis technique and start installing the suggestions to help me with my life. When I look at the photo of you sitting on the plank made by my body I still feel amazed how powerful the brain is. Before going to India (flying out tomorrow evening) I will install myself suggestion to enjoy every second of the trip and to be free from any injuries (pack pain, etc).

 Thank you Nicolette once again for empowering weekend.

 I will keep you updated about the outcome of installing the Time Management and Concentration programme and many others, but this will be after my trip.

 Cheers – Krzysztof

Hi Nicolette
Thank you for dropping off the pack and for these digital photos.
I am going to get in touch with Marie and Kevin today.  I thought the course was brilliant and I noticed a change almost immediately after leaving on the Sunday.  I had a fantastic trip and in part I know that was due to feeling so relaxed.  I've not been a great fan of flying since having my children, but I was able to use the relax programme on a couple of occasions during the flight.  On the last day lots of the people I went with were falling asleep at the airport because it was a late flight, but I still had plenty of energy.  
I've actually used self hypnosis more than the relax programme, though I am trying to do more of that too.  I think I have used self hypnosis every day even when I was away.  I am trying the instant zap and have got as far as doing it sitting down but not standing up as yet.  I didn't find any difference with sitting to lying down, which I thought was pretty surprising given I love lying down!
The main objective for me when I came was learning how to relax.  I rarely sit down until 8-9pm and then I find myself fidgeting and unable to chill.  Well that has definitely changed.  Last weekend I spent a whole afternoon just lying about, reading, having a long bath etc.. and on Sunday morning the whole house slept in until 9am!!   I was also really struggling at work with my motivation.  The job doesn't stretch me or excite me.  But this week I've managed to turn that round and had an enjoyable week following some self hypnosis based a little bit on the one that Kevin wrote.  I figured whilst I am there I may as well enjoy it.
If you are able to send me the Driving and Travel Zaps and Work and Study Zaps I would appreciate it.  A WORD file on email would be good for me.
Thank you so much for introducing me to this life changing tool.



It is always wonderful for me to hear of your successes, so please keep those letters, phone calls and e-mails coming in! 

Nicolette x