In general sessions of 60-90 minutes (sometimes longer for a first appointment) are charged at £80 per session during the day and £100 in the evenings.  However, discounts are available for senior citizens, students, children, the unemployed and people who have completed the M-Power-Me Self-Hypnosis course.

Most issues can be solved with just 2 sessions, but sometimes a few follow-up sessions are required to make lasting change.   For example, becoming a non-smoker usually takes 2 sessions, but sometimes there may be other issues that need to be addressed before you are comfortable and strong enough to be a non-smoker.

Childbirth requires a minimum of 2 sessions (or one if you have had hypnotherapy with me before):  £150 if booked as daytime sessions, either together (2 to 3 hours) or booked at the same time, or £180 for two evening sessions.  
Come for hypnotherapy as soon as you know you are pregnant - don’t leave it to the last minute - the earlier you come the more benefit you (and your baby) will get during pregnancy.

Group sessions: If appropriate, you can share a session, and the cost, with one or two other people.

Payment: by cash, cheque or bank transfer preferred.  Card or paypal payment also avaiable.