Many of my clients come back each year, or whenever there is a change happening in their lives, like a new job or a new relationship, etc.

This is a time to reflect and discuss, brainstorm and contemplate.  You may have ideas you don't really want to discuss with anyone else, or you may be wondering which direction to go in or how to make progress in a task.

Between us we can talk through all the options, evaluation the solutions and come up with other ideas to consider.

Then when we have identified what direction you want to head in and what personal qualities and behaviours you need to improve we can build these into a new Hypno-programme, recorded on CD or your smart phone, specifically for you, to help you on your way.

I have a wealth of experience as a business consultant and trainer, as well as my own experience running my own businesses and working in industry.  So, I can suggest ideas and directions you may not have thought of.

Hypno-Coaching is not just for problems, but to help you reach solutions, in any area of your life.

Give me a call on 0121 689 9715 .

Or e-mail me at nicolette@m-power-me.co.uk