Confidence, and self-esteem, can be a matter of perception.  Others may see you as confident, but that may not be how you feel inside.  But if others see you as confident, it can just take a small change in perception to see yourself as, and feel, confident too.

Hypnosis has a wonderful calming effect on the body and mind - with a simple change of perception and a calm outlook you can go from nervous wreck to supremely confident in just a few easy steps (the number of steps depends where you are starting from and going to!).

  • Imagine being able to face those people you normally avoid.
  • Imagine standing up for yourself and saying the things that you want to say.
  • Imagine giving a presentation and having the audience listen to every word you say.
  • Imagine feeling worthy and valuable.
  • Imagine the respect you will get from others when they perceive you as not only confident, but calm and capable too.
  • Imagine getting the job you really want.
  • Imagine feeling totally in control.
  • Imagine being the real YOU - the fullest expression of yourself!

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